Coach Dr. TJ Dickson went through a major overhaul 13 years ago. During this period, she went through healing in many areas of her life to transform from a life lived in fear to one lived in faith. She realized how important the mind, body, and spirit connection is to the health and wellness of the whole person and how this connection affects relationships and finances. For her, this was a real game-changer.

Dr. TJ Dickson is an author, life coach, facilitator, and motivational speaker whose mission is to empower you to live your best life by providing hope, health, wellness, and healing services, products, and education. She has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in both Business Administration and Metaphysical Science as well as a Doctorate in Metaphysical Science. In addition, she is a certified Law of Attraction Coach, has several certifications in Corporate Wellness, and is a facilitator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace and the Full Plate Diet.

Her first book, Walking in Faith, was published in January 2015. Walking in Faith comprises of 12 short stories of her journey of transformation over the last 12 years of her life. Its message is encouragement to keep the faith throughout life’s ups and downs.

She enjoys dancing, reading, walking, biking, hiking, traveling, and spending time with her husband, family, friends, and dog.


Walking in Faith comprises of 12 short stories of one woman’s journey of transformation over the last 12 years of her life. She experienced from utter despair and disappointment making her question her reason to live to great love and joy that she is glad she lived to know. Her pain was not in vain. Instead, she learned from it and grew stronger in her faith as a result. This short book will hopefully encourage its readers to keep the faith through life’s ups and downs.

Do you have goals, dreams, and ideas you want to manifest? Do you want to harness your power to create? Do you have things on your mind that you want to release so that you can relax and be peaceful? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then this powerful way to journal is for you! Creation Journal contains the four key components to connect you to your best life: Intention, Gratitude, Prayer, and Meditation.



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What some of my clients are saying

TJ is a master coach for the Law of Attraction. I have the first hand experiences for the past 4 months. Each time I experience some kind of blocks, TJ would contact me out of the blue, and coach me out of that. I truly believe the Universe send her here to help many people. She is not only intuitive, but also hardworking. She is very dedicated to her clients’ well-being. I highly respect her and recommend her to anyone who feel stuck. She will pull you out with your own power.

Susie How

Thanks coach TJ, because of you, I now have my personal and business finance in order and have a process that works for me!

Oanh Heiser


TJ is an awesome person, friend, coach, and even sister of the faith, which was another thing I noticed. She didn’t shove God down my throat but then she didn’t ignore Him when I talked about Him and mentioned that He was important in my life and that was cool, I didn’t understand and get it at first, I was like why isn’t she mentioning God when she’s a Christian so that was a pretty cool learning experience too.

Angelica Stevenson

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